UAE reiterates support for Arab cooperation efforts to ensure economic stability

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The UAE Minister of Economy, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri has said his country supports the creation of a single customs union to help build trade across the region.

Speaking on Monday at a meeting of the economic and social council in Riyadh, the minister said the UAE prioritized strengthening joint Arab cooperation, in line with the country’s commitment to supporting efforts for economic and social stability for Arabs a sustainable manner.

Al Marri led the UAE meeting which is part of the build up to the 32nd Arab League Summit which begins on Friday, May 19.

“We are keen to strengthen the frameworks for economic integration among Arab nations,” the minister said.

And he added: “And to adopt more open and accommodating policies, including the creation of a single customs union, which helps boost exports and imports and supports the growth of Arab trade exchange, within the framework of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area.”

This, he said, aimed to stimulate shared investments that would help to “create thousands of jobs.”

The Arab League Summit is to be held in Jeddah and will host Arab leaders and representatives including Syria’s Bashar Assad for the first time since his nation’s exclusion from the alliance in 2011.

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