Thousands of Albanians breaching immigration bail in UK

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Nearly 13,000 Albanians who entered the UK without valid visas breached the terms of their immigration bail, it was reported on Monday.

Home Office data shows that in the 15 months to this March, 12,842 Albanians released from immigration detention centers failed to report to bail officials at their scheduled time. They accounted for just over a quarter of the 44,957 people who violated their immigration bail in that period.

Many people released into the community are monitored by electronic tags. The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday that videos on TikTok show Albanians using scissors or wire cutters to remove them.

The Telegraph said that TikTok users in Albania were also offering to act as guarantors for up to £3,000 ($3,700), so that compatriots entering the UK could skip being held at a detention center.

Immigration lawyers in London told Top Channel that Albanians were breaching their bail because they were afraid of being deported to their home country following the signing of an agreement between Tirana and London that fast-tracks their removal.

“We take further steps if the person does not comply with the conditions of their bail,” A Home Office spokesman told the Telegraph. “There are further bail conditions, home visits, arrests and obtaining financial guarantees,” they added.

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