Dubai police arrest 8 Israelis over compatriot’s death

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Dubai Police arrested eight Israelis over an assault that led to the death of a fellow compatriot, local police reported.

According to police report the 8 Israelis assaulted a 33-year-old man of the same nationality, Ghassan Shamsyeh, in a cafe which resulted in his death.

Mug shots of the suspects were published on Dubai police twitter account with their names.

Dubai Police revealed that the suspects involved in the assault arrived from a European country for tourism purposes.

While walking in the Business Bay area of Dubai, they happened to encounter the victim in a café, leading to a confrontation and an assault that eventually resulted in the death of the victim due to the use of a sharp tool.

According to Dubai Police reports “suspects and the victim had a family dispute back in their homeland, which resulted in the murder of a 24-year-old young man on the 6th of May.” Dubai Police added that the incident in Dubai is an implication of this family dispute.

Dubai Police confirmed that they have arrested the suspects and closed the case within 24 hours and referred it to the public prosecution for legal action against those involved.

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