Thailand temporarily closes a Thai-Myanmar border trade gate

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Thailand is reported to have temporarily closed a border trade gate temporarily where Myanmar fishery and aquatic products are being exported and traded.

This gate is the Mawtaung-Sinkhun Thai-Myanmar border in Myeik District, Tanintharyi Region. This border trade gate was opened on 1 August 2022.

The border trade gate closed for three days in New Year holiday from 30 December to 1 January 2023.

Mawtaung gate in Myanmar side is the permanent gate but Sinkhun gate in Thai side is the special temporary gate so that immigration and trade are still restricted and limited.

Currently only the frozen goods can be traded from this gate and the Myanmar traders must get one-day prior permission from the Prajubkhirikhan District Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Thailand by producing complete set of Invoice and Packing List.

Truck drivers coming from Myanmar need to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) or must wear raincoat, gloves, mask and cap. Myanmar workers are not allowed to operate on the Thai side of the border.

Under these restrictions, the Myanmar traders are facing many difficulties as they cannot make negotiations on trade volume, bargain on prices, and sometimes cannot export fishery products.

According to the figures released by Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the trade values at this border trade gate are US$ 8.1 million in export in the 2022-23 financial year up to mid-December and import value is US$ 0.541 million.

Moreover Myawady-Kawkereik highway is still closed after the fighting erupted again and then the people are facing difficulties in travelling on this highway.


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