Yemeni young man fights unemployment with popular Zurbian dish

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Despite the raging war in Yemen and the unprecedentedly high rates of unemployment and poverty, Yemeni youth have succeeded in making their way in a country suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Arhab Ramzi is one of those young men who have proven that no life with despair, as long as there is a valuable goal that a person strives to achieve. He started his own business and opened a restaurant specializing in the popular Yemeni dish “Zurbian” in Aden Governorate.

Ramzy told A24 reporter that he started working from his home and then opened a restaurant next to his house.

The young man stated that although he had a bachelor’s degree in English, his passion for cooking prompted him to fight unemployment and develop his talent to earn a living.

Economic estimates indicate that the unemployment rate in Yemen among young people has risen to more than 60 percent. Economic analysts stressed Yemen’s ability to develop high-quality projects in many fields that could help in the recruitment of the workforce.

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