Thai police swoop on locations in Sa Keo, linked to illegal call center in Cambodia

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Thai police have raided six locations in the country’s Sa Keo province and arrested dozens of suspects allegedly connected to a call center gang in Cambodia.

The operation was jointly carried out by the Ministry of  Digital, Economy and Security (DES) and the Royal Thai Police.

Thailand’s Deputy Police Chief Torsak Sukwimpol said police received complaints from victims on April 27 that they were duped into investing in a scam website named “Amata” that promised high returns.

Upon reaching the due date, the victims were unable to withdraw any money and the scammers came up with excuses and tried to persuade the victims to invest even more money, resulting in damages of 257,115 baht.

Many complaints were sent to the website “”, promoting an investigation into the scam, which indicated links to National Telecom Public Co Ltd.

According to the Thai police, the probe revealed that a Cambodian named Monoram Som had been paying a monthly internet bill of more than 200,000 baht in Thailand with CAT Telecom Public Co Ltd.

A technical check also detected a cross-border internet connection in Thailand that was operating illegally.

Pol Gen Torsak an entry check found Monorom often traveled to Thailand. The man operated an internet service business, he said, adding most of Monorom’s customers were associated with scams in Cambodia.


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