Displaced persons struggle with poor living conditions in Kurdistan region camps


Hundreds of displaced persons in Hassan Sham camp, in west Erbil of Kurdistan region in north Iraq, struggle with poor living conditions due to lack of basic services including water, electricity and education, in addition to the lack of humanitarian aid.

A large number of displaced persons are still unable to return to their original areas of residence due to the lack of basic services in those areas, according to the camp director, Yahya Adnan. The displaced persons call on concerned authorities to increase aid and improve basic services in the camp.

Statistics of the Ministry of Migration and Displacement show that there are 37,000 families in displacement camps, the majority of which live in camps in Kurdistan region, while the total of internally displaced persons living outside camps is estimated to be more than 750,000 who reside in housing complexes at their own expense in different areas in Kurdistan region and other cities in Iraq.


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