Outrage in Cambodia as Opposition leaders join condemnation of Rainsy for insulting King

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Leaders of opposition parties have joined in a chorus of condemnations against former opposition leader Sam Rainsy’s string of insults against the King, the latest being one in which he accused the monarch of “betrayal.”

Main opposition Candlelight Party (CP) vice-president Thach Setha said yesterday that they do not support such insults to the King.

“We do not support all illegal activities and we do not support insulting the King, because the monarchy is one which ruled the country since the beginning of Khmer territory and is the protector of the country from foreign aggression,” Setha said.

He said the CP is no longer affiliated with Rainsy and is implementing the Law on Political Parties and the Law on Elections in Cambodia and preparing policies for the upcoming National Election.

Setha said that lately, senior Cambodian politicians have been insulting each other, causing a stir in the political environment. He does not support insults and urges politicians to negotiate a solution to the political crisis.

Ou Chanrath, vice-president of the Cambodian Reform Party (CRP), said yesterday that no citizen, including politicians, should speak ill of or insult the King because he is the supreme leader of Cambodia.

The Constitution provides for the protection of the monarch, and prohibits insults and offenses against the monarch. The king is not involved in politics, but he is a leader who must be respected, he said.

“I do not support Sam Rainsy’s speeches because they are an insult to the King who everyone respects the highest. These insults are illegal and inappropriate for Cambodian citizens,” he said.

Pich Sros, president of the Cambodian Youth Party, yesterday criticized Rainsy for his renewed insult to the King who is revered by the Cambodian people.

“It is very sad to have such a senior politician who lost the way for himself and always ignites the anger of the violent politics in Cambodia. Recently, he continued to insult the King without fear of the law and without fear of public condemnation,” he said.

Rainsy should stop being a Khmer politician because he has no Khmer nationality, Sros said. He is the worst example in Cambodian society and people should not follow the example of those who lack virtue and are ungrateful people, Sros added.


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