New Zealand condemns North Korea firing ballistic missile over Japan


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has condemned North Korea’s latest launch of a ballistic missile, saying it is “unacceptable – in law and in practice”.

The missile, launched from North Korea’s east coast, was reported to have flown over northern Japan – prompting warnings for residents to take cover and suspend train operations – before falling into the Pacific Ocean.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said such behavior needed to be “utterly” condemned.

“We’re seeing increasing use of ballistic missiles and testing coming from North Korea and we must continue to utterly condemn what is happening. It is a breach of international rules, it is a breach of that sense of security for the region, and so we stand with others in giving our condemnation,” she said.

“It is a risk, it’s an identified risk, it’s one that poses of course a significant threat to Japan. They continue to have our solidarity, but we’ve got to continue to work together as an international community to demonstrate that this is just totally unacceptable – in law, and in practice.”

She said North Korea’s stance on nuclear testing was particularly stark, given other nations’ pledges to commit to ending such testing.

“New Zealand’s been a long advocate for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and our stance has been well articulated over a number of years. It is concerning,” she said.


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