Hong Kong protester allegedly beaten at Chinese consulate in UK

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Activists and lawmakers in the United Kingdom are demanding an investigation after a Hong Kong pro-democracy protester was allegedly beaten on the grounds of the Chinese consulate in Manchester.

A pro-democracy group called Hong Kong Indigenous Defence Force staged a protest outside the consulate in the northern city on Sunday, in opposition to the Chinese Communist Party Congress happening the same day in Beijing.

Video of the incident shared widely on social media shows a confrontation breaking out on the sidewalk outside the consulate, with loud shouts heard as people rush towards the gated entrance. The video then appears to show one Hong Kong protester being dragged through the gate into the consulate grounds and beaten by a group of men.

Hong Kong Indigenous Defence Force alleges that Chinese consular staff was involved in the alleged beating and that the protester was taken to hospital in stable condition.

A statement from Greater Manchester Police said “officers were present and responded immediately to diffuse the situation.” “Enquiries are ongoing at this time to understand the full circumstances. A police patrol plan is in place in the area following this incident,” the statement added.


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