Donations delivered to Cambodia’s Battambang flood victims


As Battambang continues to suffer from the effects of the weather conditions and floods, the provincial Red Cross branch mobilized to hand over donations to the victims of flooding in one of the province’s districts.

The handover of the donations took place yesterday, and the provincial Red Cross branch team was led by the branch chairman and Battambang Governor, Sok Lou. The branch delegation distributed to victims from villages in Ampil Pram Deum commune, Bavel district, Battambang.

Governor Lou and the Red Cross branch delegation handed over goods to 250 families from 15 villages in the commune.

During the occasion, Lou brought messages from Prime Minister Hun Sen and First Lady Bun Rany Hun Sen. He stated that both the Premier and the First Lady care for the people regardless of caste, race, religion and political affiliation.

The Governor continued that the humanitarian donations brought now can alleviate their sufferings for a while. The donations include rice, noodles, water and more.


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