Giants Forces resolve battle in Shabwa, governor issues general amnesty for rebels


Shabwa Defense and Giant Brigades forces took control of Ataq, Shabwa provincial center, after three days of fierce clashes with groups rebelling against the governor’s decisions.

The Special Security Forces, 21st Mechanized Brigade, the 163rd Brigade, and the 30th Infantry Brigade took part in the violence.

Data issued by the local authorities show that the attack left dead and wounded, including civilians, during the battles that included indiscriminate shelling targeting residential neighborhoods.

After the fighting ended, Shabwa Governor Awad bin Al-Wazir issued a general amnesty that included those involved in the rebellion and the military coup that took place in Ataq during the past three days.

Ibn al-Wazir stressed the need to restore order, security and stability under the rule of law, and to combat all forms of coup and rebellion that would destabilize situations and civil peace.

The governor called on service offices to expedite the repair of the damage caused by clashes and to compensate citizens for losses in private property.

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