Gaza citizens check homes after ceasefire takes effect and shelling stops


The ceasefire agreement between Israeli forces and the Palestinian factions in Gaza has taken effect, allowing citizens to return to their homes and check the amount of damage the shelling caused, as they try to return to their normal lives.

Citizens told A24 they are overjoyed with the ceasefire agreement. Although, some citizens still had homes to return to, others didn’t because their homes were completely destroyed, one of which is a man who has only been married a year. He told A24 he only recently purchased his house under installment loan but was not able to enjoy it because the Israeli shelling destroyed most of his possessions.

Citizens told A24 they demand concerned authorities to rebuild their houses and
provide them with temporary housing during reconstruction, as they are unable to pay for repairs in light of the difficult economic conditions that were prevalent even before the recent shelling.


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