Gaza swim camp helps autistic children to integrate into society


Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from the Gaza Strip take part in a swim camp aimed to help them to integrate into society. 40 children participate in the week-long summer camp, organized by Supreme Council for Youth and Sports.

The camp also aims to encourage and teach autistic children to overcome their fear of water and overcome the difficulties they have been facing. swimming also could help children with autism improve their self-esteem, speech, coordination, social skills and even cognitive abilities.

Reem Jarur, director of Swim Camp for Autistic Children, tells A24 News Agency that parents were afraid to put their children in water but the children themselves were surprised they managed to enter the water.

Mothers express their happiness at the results, saying they were thrilled that their children were exposed to many other children who are facing similar challenges.

They call for constant support for autistic children, who need more and other activities as well. A Mother of autistic child Tamer Al-Safadi told A24 News Agency that she tried to register her son in many summer camps with other children, but her requests have always been rejected because of her child’s illness.

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