Father and sons in Gaza practice bodybuilding and weightlifting


Gazan bodybuilding champion Samir Khazeeq is training two sons, hoping they can also participate in international competitions. Israel’s crossing closures have kept the boys from participating in more recent competitions.

Samir is asking Palestinian sports officials and the international Olympic committee to open facilities and support aspiring champions.

Bodybuilders in Gaza also say Israel bans the import of advanced training equipment. In addition to running a gym in Gaza City, Khazeeq, 51, has coached the Palestinian weightlifting team for competitions in Qatar and judged bodybuilding events in the Emirates and Egypt.

Khazeeq has trained for over thirty-four years and works hard to turn his sons into champions. Twenty-nine-year-old Ahham Adhan won a gold medal at the West Asian Championship in Jordan, a bronze medal at the West Asian Championship in Bahrain, and fifth place in the Arab Championship in Jordan in 2019.

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