Shaiban: The truce is meaningless amid Houthis’ continued bombing of facilities


The head of the negotiating committee to open the ports in Taiz, Abdul Karim Shaiban, said that the Houthi group’s continued bombing of vital facilities in the city confirms that the truce is meaningless, calling on the international community and the United Nations to take a firm stance towards the Houthis’ violations.

Shaiban added that all roads in the city of Taiz and all Yemeni governorates are still blocked, and the Houthis had targeted Al-Qiyadah Street, which links Garden City Park and the Police General Department, with four missiles by drone, while the park and its surroundings were crowded with hundreds of families and children who came for a walk and spend the Eid holiday.

The attacks resulted in the injury of eight people, including six civilians and two members of the security protection of the park, in addition to the destruction and damage of four civilian cars that were in the area.

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