Lack of Coordination Among Agencies Hampering Street Food Development in Ulaanbaatar

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O.Bilguun called for coordinated action by relevant officials and law enforcement officers in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar to alleviate the suffering of people who have businesses in Street Food.

O.Bilguun said more 600 people apply to become members at the Street Food Association but those who are familiar with the legal environment, such as street food producers, restaurants, cafeterias, and the standard metrology industry, will be chosen.

A food station third car owner said he used frozen materials prepared from the factory to cook directly in front of customers.

O.Bilguun is working to establish a common standard for the development of street food production and to clarify the location of public areas where services can be provided.

Currently, the staff of the city’s Food Station, founded by O.Bilguun, has three mobile cooking machines with standard mobile service and has a capacity to serve 400-450 people per day.

Creating a favorable business environment and providing the necessary support to the food trade and service businesses that meet safety standards and requirements are key demands to support the street Food businesses.

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