Iraqis bid farewell to the poetic icon, Muzaffar al-Nawab


With great sadness and sorrow, Iraqi people and politicians received the body of poet Muzaffar al-Nawab, who died aged 88 in the UAE after a long battle against illness, at Baghdad International Airport.

Nawab was renowned for his poems filled with revolutionary fervor criticizing dictatorial regimes for decades.

His stances against the Iraqi regime led to his exile. People on social media sadly interacted with his death, posting thousands of photos of Nawab and many of his poetry.

Following the announcement of his death, Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided to send a presidential plane to transport Nawab’s body from the Emirates to his homeland.

When the body arrived at the airport, the honor guard carried the coffin, which was decorated with flowers, and raised a picture of him. The body was transferred to the headquarters of the Union of Iraqi Writers, where hundreds of people of different generations gathered to bid farewell to Nawab before he was buried in Najaf.


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