While electric cars seem an attractive option to cut costs, logistical issues

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Colombo/Sri Lanka –  While electric cars have come to be known as a preferred option for many due to the cost-efficient benefits they offer, Sri Lankans are still finding it a difficult choice to make amid the lack of charging points and as it is still a relatively new technology in the country.

Many countries, especially the economically developed countries, are in the course of transferring their vehicle fleets to become electric.

Indika Sampath Mirinchige, who is the chairman of the vehicle importers association of Sri Lanka, said that Sri Lanka can leverage its location and the fact that the sunlight is always there, adding that the solar power from the sun should charge the cars; hence, cutting the fuel charges.

He urged the authorities to popularize electric cars in Sri Lanka.

“The government should reimburse the people who import such a vehicle and encourage them to drive this vehicle. Such incentives need to be developed. That’s why I always emphasize that we need to create a system.”

Niruksha Kumara, National Organizer of the All Ceylon Small Industries Association, said the main question is whether this fits into the situation of Sri Lanka or not.

He worried that the lack of charging points for electric cars in the country is a source of annoyance for Sri Lankans, adding that although the government is keen on reassuring people that they will reduce taxes on electric cars, they should address logistical issues.

“One of the major problems we face after importing electric vehicles into our country is the lack of charging points in the country, which can be seen as a major dilemma. Before importing electric vehicles we need to have built charging stations everywhere.”

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