Charity shop for clothing introduces customers to eco-friendly culture

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A pioneering enterprise opened the “Toirog” charity shop opened in August 2020. The shop collects old second-hand and distributes them, promoting a culture of environmentally friendly use of old clothes.

The store recycles and sells more than 2 tons of old clothes every year and a half. The fashion classifies outdated clothing, and in collaboration with young designers, updates the design to create a unique “upcycled second-hand” design.

The founders of the store want to further develop this business with a franchise system and open it in every corner of Mongolia.

They have recently opened an online store called “” Agnuush, a photographer who co-founded the store, said, “We buy old clothes from people and resell them.

The tax rate for such services is quite high. Therefore, we are planning to initiate and approve a draft law to create a favorable tax environment for businesses in this area.”

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