Hospitals leverage navigational guidance system for brain surgeries

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Mongolia has witnessed a new medical breakthrough with the advent of new medical technology in the Third Central Hospital of Mongolia that has started conducting surgeries using neuronavigation.

This was made possible by a fund from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which funded the hospital to get the latest navigational guidance system.

According to neurosurgeon S. Abai, ADB has provided their hospital with some of the most advanced medical technologies, including surgical microscope, endoscope, and neuronavigation tools that worth more than 20 billion MNT [US6.8 million].

Some surgeries were aborted by the fact that some tumors could not have been reached due to the lack of appropriate equipment.

This forced Mongolians to seek medical treatment abroad. Patients nowadays, nonetheless, can get the best medical treatment in Mongolia thanks to the new technology.

The provision of navigation equipment helped surgeons to reach some type of vascular disease, and an abscess located in a deep region of the skull more easily. In addition to its role in minimizing the irritation of healthy brain tissues while accessing deep brain lesions.

‘’In February 2022, the company’s well-known technology in the world, the neurosurgical navigation equipment was installed at the Third Central Hospital of Mongolia. It is the first and only neuronavigation equipment in Mongolia,” said S. Bilguundemberel, Senior Engineer at MED Mongol LLC.



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