‘Deren Club’ offers opportunity for football national team to train round year

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Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia – The Deren Club, founded in 2008, is Mongolia’s first children football club. D.Munkhchuluun, the founder of the club, said it started by recruiting 20 children from the Yarmag ger district Ulaanbaatar. Now, many of those children play in
the national football team.

Today, the Daren Club has more than 200 regular players with more than 600 members. Now there is an Airdome where winter training could also take place.

B.Batmunkh, the first athlete of the Deren club, is currently teaching his club’s young members.

He shared his optimism that the development of Mongolian football has the potential to reach the world.

In training, the founder explained that they followed the advice of foreign coaches and won a silver medal in Mongolia's largest competition, the sub-league.

Also, the club achieved many successes in children's and youth competitions and has successfully participated in domestic and foreign competitions.

“I’m a Deren player. I started playing football in 2009 when I was 10 years old. I studied for a total of 13 years. Now I play in the senior league in the national major leagues. I am now a member of the national team,” said Batmunkh.

“We’ve been playing football since we were six years old. Played football for 3 years. I am 9 years old now. My father founded the Deren football club and my brother joined to play football, but I joined the club with my brother,” M.Tuguldur said.


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