Women with Visual Impairment Defy Life Difficulties by Producing Handmade Jewelry

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Despite all odds, women with visual impairment in Sulaymaniyah resisted the gloomy reality and insisted on making their own living by producing handmade jewelry. Under the patronage of Noor Al Qalb Charitable Organization, founded in 2019, a training workshop was organized for teaching those women the techniques of jewelry making. Among those diligent women is Suzy Mwafaq, who indicated that her determination on making a living by those handicrafts is a clear message to the community that they are just like the rest of the people who can be productive. A member of Noor Al Qalb Charitable Organization, Jowan illustrated that the organization is in charge of training those women as it also supplies them with raw material. According to the most updated statistic, there are about 5 thousand blind people, the majority of them are women. It is worth mentioning that they are in dire need of support whether from the government or community services centers.


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