Nutritionist and beautician launches an alternative medicine center in Gaza

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Basma Beauty Alternative Medicine is one of the pioneering projects in Gaza, founded by the 23- year old pharmacist, nutrition, and cosmetic specialist Basma Wael Abu Mustafa, in her home, in Khan Yunis.

For her, the project is a source of living for her and her family given the grim conditions that the people of Gaza face as well as the high rate of unemployment and scarcity of jobs. Dr. Basma grows herbs and aloe vera in her garden to make natural herbs and oils used in natural medical cosmetic products and treat a variety of skin issues.

Abu Mustafa contributes to benefiting the environment by planting the castor plant near the swamps in her area to decrease pollution, and she utilizes its oil in her products.

She also collects the Nutsedges plant, which is harmful to crops, to make a hair growth cream. Dr. Basma earned a certificate in cosmetic pharmacy management from the University of Jordan, a diploma in therapeutic nutrition, a diploma in natural formulations and the manufacturing of cosmetics, and several courses in the manufacture of creams, perfumes, soaps, shampoos, and medical conditioners.

Her products have proven to be highly popular with customers, as she has more than fifty natural products available in the markets and on social media platforms.

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