Baan Pak Chom, Loei Province Join forces to develop the potential group to solve volatile Mekong problems

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On December 2, 2021, the Mekong Community Organizations Council Network Association of 7 Northeastern Provinces (NCPO) joined the “Hak Pak Chom Community” group with members from the community.

Moo 1 and Moo 10, Pakchom, Pak Chom Loei Approximately 25 people participated, and members reviewed the summary of past operational lessons, including Tai Ban Research Operations. Explore problem information, impact Draw up a plan to fix the problem.

Monitor the progress of the preparation of fish reserves in the Mekong River. In the river preparation of a career development plan for the income of those affected at the household level.

The “Hak Pak Chom Community” group exchanged the situation of the movements of dam construction in the Mekong River, especially the Sanakham Dam, which will hold an informational forum and comments on December 16, 2021, in Chiang Khan District, Loei province, as well as monitor the situation of Pak Chom Dam with plans for future construction, which will greatly affect the lifestyle of the villagers.

However, the drive to solve the Mekong problem fluctuates afterward. There are plans to develop the potential to strengthen group members, expand the network together with other areas experiencing the same problem to work with public and private agencies. A plan to address the problem caused by Mekong fluctuations is set to be presented to community members and it is defined as a “community constitution” agreed by members.

Also, there is a talk of the progress of the Supreme Court submission to resolve the Mekong impact. Today, Mr. Supawat Komolmarn President of the NCPO has clarified online to the villagers that after the visit, Mr. Rapeephat Chansriwong Deputy Permanent Secretary of The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives on November 30, 2021, in order to monitor the progress, the results of the consultation were coordinated with all executives under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to urgently organize a meeting to prepare a plan with farmers with Supreme Court listings in seven Northeastern Mekong provinces and to establish the 2023 budget/project request by December 15, 2021.

To continue to develop urgent rescue plans for affected farmers at Pak Chom has signed supreme courts from 2 villages.

Mrs. Omboon Thipsuna, Secretary-General of the NCPO said that the Mekong Community Organizations Council Network Association in 7 Northeastern Provinces aims to enable strong established communities to co-design, solve problems and communicate with the public as well as external organizations at home and abroad on their own to further enhance the potential of the community.


Source: Nongkhai Online News, Pattarawin Leepan

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