Ayutthaya Historical Park celebrated its 30th year as a world’s heritage

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The whole 3,000 Rai (approx. 1,186 acres or 4,800,000 sqm) of Ayutthaya Historical Park was announced to be the world heritage in the World Heritage Committee Meeting at Carthage, Tunisia on December 13th, 1991. This year, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province has held a large-scale event to celebrate its 30th year as a world cultural heritage site, called “Yor Yos Ying Fa Ayutthaya Moradok Lok”, from 17th to 26th of December 2021. The event consists of 8 parades kilometers long, a cultural field, booths of Thai lifestyle, boat rolling, sight-seeing on the tram, cultural shows, and light and sound shows. Tourists can also rent traditional Thai dresses to wear and enjoy the event.


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