Nearly 100 vendors in Battambang gather to plead for intervention by the provincial governor

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Vendors from Battambang’s Boeung Chhouk Market gathered in front of the provincial hall to ask for the intervention after they were instructed to move out of their business places.

According to one of the vendors, the gathering began on the afternoon of November 20. They all gathered there to appeal to the Governor of Battambang, Sok Lou, to allow them to conduct their business around the perimeter of Boeung Chhouk Market.

The vendors did not want to move to a new location next to the Boeung Chhouk parking lot, around 200-300 meters away from their usual business spots.

The vendor continued that more than 600 vendors conduct their business around the market and are able to have more than a meter of space between each other. The new location is narrow and not an accessible location for buyers which hampers business.

Another vendor stated the move to the new location was ordered by the owner of the market and that vendors should move by November 25. The more than 600 vendors protested this order and asked for Governor Lou to intervene.

The Battambang Provincial Administration Officer asked that the five representatives for the vendors meet with the Deputy Governor to solve this problem, but the vendors stated that they wanted to talk with the Governor directly.



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