Livestock decline in Yemen owing to war, drought, and high cost of fodder

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The number of livestock in Yemen has recently decreased, for several reasons, the major one is the war that has expanded in most governorates of the country, extending to the areas designated for pastures, in addition to the lack of rain and the high prices of fodder, which pushed farmers to stop raising livestock, not to mention the deteriorating living conditions and displacement. According to the report of the Department of Statistics and Agricultural Monitoring for the year 2018, the volume of livestock in Yemen decreased between 2014 and 2018. The number of livestock in the country in 2014 was estimated at 21 million and 296 thousand heads, bringing the number down to about 19 million and 392 thousand heads, including 8 million and 813 thousand sheep, while the number of goats reached 8 million and 644 thousand, cows a million and 503 thousand, and camels 431 thousand heads.

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