‘Shamousa’ Play Commences the Jordanian theater season 2021

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Royal Cultural Center inaugurated the activities of the Jordanian theater season 2021, which is organized by the Directorate of Theater and Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Artists Syndicate, which includes the 17th season of the Jordanian Theater Festival, and the 20th season of ‘Ammon’ Festival for Youth Theater, in participation of 7 theatrical plays, and the activities of the season that will continue until next Wednesday, includes a number of seminars that will be held immediately after the performances, in participation of a number of specialists. Shamousa play which written by Youssef Al-Bari and directed by Imran Al-Unuz, was displayed at the beginning of the inauguration ceremony, the play is about the history of Jordan and the civilizations that lived in it, and it sheds light on the most significant tourist places and archaeological sites in Jordan, promoting the values ​​of national pertinence through its exciting events for children.


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