Resuming fish export from Gaza recovers the economy

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Khalil Alwan, a fish merchant in Gaza, stated that exporting fish from Gaza to the West Bank helps the fishermen to continue their work and provide financial liquidity in the markets, pointing out that if the export stopped, the fishermen would not be able to work, due to the high costs, which range from 5000 to 5500 shekels per day. Israeli authorities decided to allow fishermen in Gaza to expand the fishing and sailing area to a distance of 12 miles, which contributed to an increase in the quantity and availability of fish in the markets, as the fishermen have suffered from the closure of the sea and the crossings for long periods, leading to the deterioration of the economic conditions and incurred great losses. The Ministry of Agriculture sets certain conditions for the export of fish varieties and quantities after meeting the needs of the strip, as the sea bream is one of the most important species exported to the West Bank.

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