Laem Chabang port development project exacerbates the suffering of fishermen

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Somnuck Jongmeewasin, an independent Scholar in Environment and Health, Eastern Region, stated that the Laem Chabang Port Development project Phase 3, in Thung Sukhla Sub-district, is not worth the value of the land and water resources that the project will damage, which is about 69,000 million baht (about 2300 million dollars) annually, Moreover, the project will affect many fishermen in terms of expropriating the lands of the local people to the extent that they may have to leave their lands and change their profession. For his part, the fisherman Charn Rodrat confirmed that the suffering of the local people has increased, especially with the continuation of the third phase of the project. In turn, the Head of Model Fisherman Group, Rangsan Somboon, stated that the people of Bang Lamung Bay are originally farmers and fishermen, and after projects such as the Eastern Sea Board were installed or EEC, they have nowhere left to go due to the unfair expropriation of land. The port development project, which has an investment area of 114,046 million baht (about $380 million), includes 7 ports for cargo ships in addition to the capacity to support an additional 7,000,000 containers annually and 1 transportation port (Ro/Ro) for approximately 1 million vehicles annually, in addition to Developing Single Rail TransferOperator (SRTO) and other important transport networks, the project is expected to increase 30% of rail freight in Thailand.

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