Discovering remains of a person held hostage by Houthi for years

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After six years of negotiating with the Houthis for his release, Najib Ahmed Saeed’s family found his remains under the rubble of his house, which the Houthis destroyed in the Al-Jahmalia neighborhood, Taiz governorate, southwestern Yemen, while he was inside it six years ago. Najib’s brother narrated that the Houthis later deluded his family into believing that he had been held hostage, demanding a ransom of twenty million riyals to release him, and refusing the inclusion of his name in the release deals for the prisoners who were released through local mediation in the previous years. Najib’s brother added that they identified his brother’s remains through his clothes and wristwatch, as well as the books that were with him. Najib’s family had also lost his brother in the community college prison in Dhamar Governorate.

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