Border forces arrest more than 30 Cambodians after failed border hopping attempt

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A large group of Cambodians was arrested by border patrol forces as they tried to cross the border into Thailand.

The Commander of the Malai Armed Forces Target Unit, Lt. Col. Sa Rith, led a joint force of the 51st Infantry Division and the 815th Border Guard Police, to apprehend a group of Cambodians who were making their way into Thailand, which took place in Banteay Meanchey’s Malai district on the night of October 19. The group totaled 37 people including, 13 females and 2 children.

After their arrest, the Cambodians were handed over to the district military for interrogation on the whereabouts of the brokers. Police are continuing to search for the broker who led them.

Despite the rising threat of infections and a lack of job stability, many Cambodians still attempt to take the arduous trek into Thailand. The current economical state of Cambodia has pushed many people, especially those living in the provinces to try their luck at getting a job.

A recent article stated that the number of people trying to enter Thailand illegally is on the rise. The article continues that the main reason for the daring attempt of crossing the border is the lack of job openings locally. The pandemic has affected many parts of life, specifically the livelihood of many of the citizens of the country.


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