Arman: Houthis Kills 1400 Civilians in 5 Years in Marib

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Yemeni government Minister of Human Rights, Mohammed Arman, condemned the violations committed by Houthi militias in Marib governorate, eastern Yemen. Arman says that the ministry had documented 1,400 civilian victims who were killed as a result of the ongoing Houthi attacks from 2015 until June 2020 in Marib Governorate only. Arman confirms that the attacks on the government at Aden airport, as well as the attack on Al-Anad base in Lahj governorate, not to mention the planting of mines in various Yemeni governorates, confirms that the Houthis are violating international conventions, calling on the international community to prosecute their crimes, and Arman points out that the Ministry of Human Rights is working to document violations of Houthis in various regions of the country.

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