US will redeploy forces in Afghanistan to combat terrorism if necessary: Biden

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US President Joe Biden said that the nation will redeploy its forces in Afghanistan to combat terrorism if necessary.

Biden added that the terrorist threats against the US have declined.

“The Trump administration is the one who started the dialog with the Taliban,” he added.

Biden added that the US will continue to provide the necessary support to the Afghan people.

“We will not repeat past mistakes in Afghanistan. I will not allow more American lives to be lost in Afghanistan. We will not repeat past mistakes and continue an endless war in Afghanistan,” the president added.

Biden said the Taliban takeover unfolded “more quickly than we had anticipated” and placed blame on the Afghan government and military for an apparent lack of resistance.

“So what’s happened? Afghanistan’s political leaders gave up and fled the country. The Afghan military collapsed, sometimes without trying to fight,” he said.

Biden said that the US had threatened Taliban with a quick and strong response if they attacked the country’s interests in Afghanistan.

He added that the Afghani president refused to negotiate with the Taliban to reach a settlement.

“Our embassy in Kabul is securely closed. I have ordered the deployment of 6,000 troops to Afghanistan to secure the evacuations. It has been proven that the latest armies will not be able to create a stable and secure Afghanistan,” Biden added.

Biden admitted that mistakes have been made in the US mission in Afghanistan.

“We will defend the US with devastating force if necessary, there are criticisms of my decision on Afghanistan but it is the right decision,” he added.


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