A daughter abandoned her 80-year-old father in a temple – Thailand


A couple abandoned an 80-year-old man they called “father” in a temple in the Bua Lai district who was later confirmed to be infected with Covid19. A Facebook user who claimed to be a medical worker at Bua Yai Hospital posted photos of an elderly man lying on a path near Wat Pa Suan Thamma Sawaddee in Ban Nong Waeng Village of Bua Lai District for the abuse the daughter of her older father Luang Phor Sitthichai, abbot of Wat Pa Suan Thamma Sawaddee, said a woman and her husband took the 80-year-old man to the temple on Sunday, they said the old man met him while she was in the province Khon Khaen and whoever wanted to stay with him in the temple, then the couple left the old man and his cloth bag at the temple and quickly drove away in their car. Ban Nong Waeng village chief, Thongsuk Thaebtham, learned from the old man that his daughter had brought him from Lop Buri Province and left him at the temple. The man left the temple and was later found lying in the rain on a nearby path. Local health workers took him for a Covid19 test, which came back positive, and the man was taken to a hospital in Khon Kaen province because he was from Khon Kaen.Temple monks, health workers and rescuers who were in close contact with the old man were placed in a 14-day quarantine. The village chief said the daughter should not have treated her father like that and put others at risk of contracting the virus.

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