Vietnam reported the 54th COVID-19 related death

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A man from northern Hưng Yên province died of complications related to COVID-19, the 54th death recorded in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health confirmed Tuesday lunchtime. and cirrhosis of the liver. On May 4, the patient was admitted to the Đông Anh District National Hospital for Tropical Diseases of Hà Nội with a fever, loss of appetite and jaundice; tested positive for coronavirus on May 9th. Within a few weeks his condition gradually worsened and he did not respond well to treatment. On Monday (June 7th), he suffered hemorrhagic shock and his body began to fail due to major blood loss. He died later that day. Hemorrhagic shock due to gastrointestinal bleeding, liver cirrhosis, liver failure and pneumonia from SARS-CoV-2 infection was registered as the cause of death.

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