The General Administration of Customs of China approved the sanitary certificate of imported fish products from Sri Lanka.

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The Health Certificate for importing fisheries products to China has been approved by the General Administration Customs of China (GACC). It will enable the approved fisheries and aquatic products to enter this lucrative market, and even encourage Sri Lankan businesses to expand their production.

The renewed Health Certificate must be presented to the Chinese Customs with their products from the 1 July 2021 by the fisheries product exporters from Sri Lanka to China.

All processed Fisheries products exporters are required to use this updated version instead of the old certificate. 120 copies of the new certificate must be provided urgently as samples to the GACC. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing will assist in this regard.

The Commercial Section of the Embassy has been working closely with the General Administration Customs of China (GACC) to assist Sri Lankan fish exports to access the booming Chinese market.


Embassy of Sri Lanka


18 June 2021

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