Online-Ordered meds system is now on in Sri Lanka

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The Deputy Director General of the unit of Noncommunicable Diseases, Dr. Champika Wickramasinghe, explained that due to the prevailing pandemic situation and travel restrictions, people can get their medication at home by mail by calling the hospital where they usually get their medication, the number of the clinic and the address of where you live. This was communicated while attending a press conference at the Health Promotion Office on the current situation of COVID in the country on February 11th. Hospital phones can be accessed through the Ministry of Health’s official website,, and. can be called up, stating the name, address and clinic number of the relevant hospitals, medication can be delivered to your home for at least two months in a few days. He said that in case someone has any inconvenience calling the hospital, two special hotline numbers have been entered to find out more details; 0720720720 for Sinhala and 0720606060 for Tamil.

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