No bread left behind: One entrepreneur fights food waste by turning it into beverages

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Many Singaporeans are probably aware that food waste is a problem, but what may surprise many is that not all of it comes from leftovers.

A large chunk of the food waste occurs before it ever reaches the consumer.

This can be food that is rejected due to quality control, or discarded because it is too near the expiry date.

For Travin Singh, this represented a huge waste of potential.

Mr Singh is the founder and CEO of CRUST Group, which started out as a brewing company but has now evolved into a food tech company that looks for solutions revolving around surplus food.

Mr Singh first learnt how to brew beers at home with the help of YouTube.

“I tried a couple of ventures at home, you know, failed quite miserably. All my friends didn’t like it. Even I didn’t like it,” he said.


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