More heat waves in northern and central northern Vietnam

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Two more heat waves are expected to hit the northern and northern central provinces between now and August, said a senior meteorologist yesterday at a national online meeting on natural disaster prevention and control, Trần Hồng Thái, director general of the Department of Meteorology Hydrology, which is responsible for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said the intense heat would mainly hit the northern provinces in June and July, while the central region would experience intense heat from June to August. Some areas would have temperatures of 41-42 degrees. From May 28 to June 3, the northern provinces and the northern central provinces from Thanh Hóa to Phú Yên experienced a heat wave with daily temperatures of 37-40 degrees Celsius. Some areas suffered from higher temperatures, including Chí Linh in Hải Dương Province. (41 degrees Celsius), Hà Nội (40.5 degrees Celsius) and Tĩnh Gia in Thanh Hóa Province (41.9 degrees Celsius), Thái said, adding that the heat wave in that anus would be one of the strongest

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