Government Spokesperson: No punishment for Chinese who break quarantine in Cambodia

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Cambodia Royal Government Spokesperson, H.E. Phay Siphan stated in an interview conducted by A24 that Cambodia didn’t punish Chinese citizens who broke Covid-19 quarantine in Cambodia because at that time there was no specific law against it, emphasizing that Cambodia could only deport them if they were caught, similarly with Chinese criminal cases, there is an agreement that the criminals will not be punished in Cambodia, they will be sent back to China. Siphan said although the Cambodian government has close cooperation with the Chinese government that doesn’t mean that the Chinese have a priority to do whatever they like. He added Cambodia is not under colonialization by China, but an independent and sovereign state. It is noteworthy that Cambodia recently witnessed a major outbreak of the Coronavirus due to some citizens from the Republic of China who violated the quarantine, which created hostile feelings among some Cambodian citizens.

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