Former suspected “Longjoo” casino operator charged with murder in Thailand

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The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) recommended that a former casino operator named “Longjoo Somchai” be prosecuted on four counts, including one accused of being the mastermind behind the murder of a motorcyclist in July last year. Investigators believe they have gathered evidence of a strong case against Somchai Jutikitdecha, 56, and have decided to pursue the prosecution on all fronts. Somchai is also charged with organizing illegal gambling activities, violating the Emergency Public Gathering Ordinance and conspiring in the fourth case … was filmed in Pattaya on July 28th last year. According to police, the suspect ordered the hit because he believed Prathum’s advice had prompted the police to raid and close his gambling den in February last year. Somchai was first arrested by the CSD in February for alleged involvement in illegal casinos accused of being a breeding ground for the Covid-18 outbreaks in the eastern region when a new wave of infections hit the country.

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