Development of green tourism of fishing villages in Vietnam

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The fishing village of Tân Thành, on An Bàng Beach, 5 km from Hội An, has built up “green” beach tourism by promoting plastic-free and waste-free recycling in the community and among tourists. 13 local fishermen and travel companies decorate a 300m stretch of the Nguyễn Phan Vinh coastal road, which is a vibrant arts and entertainment district. The municipality has set up the Tân Thành weekend market as a meeting point of artisanal and organic production for all local and foreign sellers and helps organize beach activities day and night. The beach market is flooded with handicrafts, food and drink, organic farm products, costumes and folk dance performances from morning to evening. The streets become stages for bands, dancers, and mini fashion shows for locals and expats, while various stalls sell organic kitchen products, recycled items, antique furniture, and second-hand items.

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