Contradictory news: China’s urban waste as organic fertilizer to Sri Lanka, and Government insists the nation is not a dumping ground for Chinese garbage

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JVP (Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna – People’s Liberation Front) claims that the government is trying to import municipal waste from China and label it as organic fertilizer. Vijitha Herath said the government is paving the way for business partners to achieve various goals through the plan. Products imported from China are exported to other countries in the name of organic fertilizer. He said: “This will pose a serious threat to crops, more serious than chemical fertilizers.”
In May 2021, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa appointed a presidential task force to sustain The solution to climate change in a plan to transform Sri Lanka’s economy into a green social economy. The main task of the target group is to create a roadmap for the complete transition from chemical agriculture to organic agriculture. Agriculture replaces chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides with organic fertilizers.

On the other hand, Today, the government insists that Sri Lanka is not China’s garbage dump. A spokesperson for cabinet said that this statement is just gossip and has no factual basis. The Sri Lankan government also insists that China can determine the price of medium-phosphorus vaccines sold to each country. He said that only the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka or the Chinese government could comment, but added that the vaccine was sold to Sri Lanka at a lower price than advertised elsewhere.

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