An Australian found with a bullet in his chest dead in Phuket (Thailand), leaving a suicide note

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Police said the 63-year-old Australian was found dead in a hotel in the Kathu area on Tuesday afternoon with a gunshot wound to the chest and a suicide note was found next to the body. At about 4:00 pm, Patong police and a doctor at Patong Hospital went to the Baan Veerakit Hotel on Nanai Street in Patong District after realizing the man is dead. The man was found dead on a chair in room 231/3. The revolver was on the floor next to him. There is a handwritten letter and a passport on the table in the room. Foreigners threatened the man and his wife. His wife left him and he could not contact her. On February 16, he filed a complaint with Patong Police Station about his wife’s disappearance. The letter also stated that the foreigners continued to threaten him.The letter said that after losing everything, the only choice was to end his own life. He asked all those who read it to find his wife and apologize to her, and asked her to take care of herself.

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