Warning to the President of Southern Vietnam Food Company

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The party’s Central Committee Revision Committee warned the party secretary, Vy Thanh Ha, chairman of the Southern Vietnam Food Company, about improper farming of land in District 1 of KKM City. Party committee and former chairman of SàiGòn Beer-Alcoholic Beverage Joint Stock Company (Sabeco). The decision was announced after the 13th third stay meeting was held in Hà Nội from May 11th to 14th. Various actions taken by the military command in the southern area of ​​Boquelieu Province and Foklong County in response to negligence, poor leadership, and violations of party orders, state laws and decree of the Ministry of Defense. Urge the Provincial Party Committee Permanent Council to warn the Provincial Military Region Party Committee Permanent Council for the period 2015-2020. Tenurbùi Trường Giang, member of the Standing Committee of the Central Organization Group, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Director of the Party Central Information Committee, and penal review of organizations and stakeholders. The condemnation of education is because it violates the rules set for party members. Major General ng Hoànga of the Ministry of Public Security has also been warned of violating financial regulations concerning party affiliation, the country, and public security. Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Chief of the Provincial Police Department is responsible for the management, deployment and operation of personnel. During the meeting, the committee also reviewed the previous disciplinary appeals in two cases and resolved some other important issues.

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