Vietnamese students get the highest score in the Asian Physics Olympiad

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The Ministry of Education and Training announced on Sunday that eight Vietnamese students participating in the 2021 Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) have won the awards of taking home two gold medals, one silver medal, three bronze medals and two honorary certificates. Amsterdam Qu’n de Hà Nội-The Gifted Academy won the highest score in the online competition, and won the gold medal and honorary certificate of the APhO department. This is the first time that a Vietnamese student has achieved the highest score in Trần Quang Vinh. Another 12th grade student of HàNội, Amsterdam Gifted High School, also won the gold medal. The silver medal was obtained from Biantang En of Pang Phi Chu Gifted High School in Wuzhong Province. The bronze medal was awarded to Thanh Hoa from Linsen High School to reward Thanh Hoa in the central province; Le Minh Hoang from Hanni University of Science and Technology (HUS) was awarded to gifted students; and Nguy Hon Hoang was awarded Nam de Hà Nội-Amsterdam High School received the honor of honours, Trang Dao Kon Minh of HUS Gifted High School and Nguyen Ok Tien of Bok Ninh Gifted High School in northern Bac Ninh Province were certified. The online competition was hosted by Taiwan, China and attracted 23 delegations and 181 participants. From May 16th to 24th, a Vietnamese team led by two Taiwanese executives participated in the Hani National Normal University competition. The video conference is scheduled to be held at 12 noon on Monday.

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