Vietnam: It is expected that investment in local start-up companies will increase this year

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Despite a 48% drop in 2020 to US$451 million, this year’s investment in Vietnamese start-ups will be a real breakthrough. On Monday, the National Innovation Center (NIC) and Do Ventures under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The report said that 2020 is a year full of challenges, but the world and Vietnam are full of opportunities for investment in innovation and technology. The main reason for the decrease was that large companies did not make large investments last year, but the number of investments dropped slightly to 17%. Among them, 60 transactions were registered in the second half of 2020, which was roughly the same as the same period last year… “This It shows that after experiencing a sharp decline in the first quarter of 2020, venture capital activities will begin to recover from the second quarter of 2020.” Payments and retailers continue to receive the most valuable investments due to their key role in development. Internet economy. Payments and retail investment were US$101 million and US$83 million, respectively.

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