The Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam orders measures to strengthen the prevention of COVID-19 in the industrial zone of HCM City

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Deputy Prime Minister Trang Hoa Binh instructed HCM City to start a two-week social evacuation period on Monday to strengthen COVID-19 prevention measures in industrial and export processing zones. The team inspected the production facilities, canteens and COVID-19 prevention plan of MTEX ​​Vietnam Co. Ltd., Organ Needle Co Ltd and Nikkiso Co Ltd. Binh also inspected the HCM dormitory of Vietnam City National University, which will be used for centralized quarantine. Regional and preventive measures in Kangji area. Ping ordered the city to expedite the prosecution of possible infections in the community, especially in cases involving Christian Renaissance church organizations. Perform missions in the GòVp area. The increase in local broadcasts is mainly due to mission members. According to the result of v. In general genetic sequencing, the patient was infected with the highly contagious Indian variant.

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